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Thomas Jefferson High School

Visual Arts Classes

Thomas Jefferson High School

Visual Arts Classes

To:  Parents with Students Enrolled in Visual Arts Classes

From:  Leonard Fox, Art Instructor

Date:  2019-2020

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and share some basic information about the class in which your student is enrolled.  My name is Leonard Fox. I began my teaching career at Morey Middle School 32 years ago. I have served the district in many different capacities. I am very excited to be a member of the TJ staff and I am looking forward to working with your student.  

Course Description: The art classes are structured in levels.  Level I will focus on understanding the fundamentals of visual arts through the use and understanding of the art elements and principles of design.  Level 2 will focus on 3-Dimensional design and mixed media. Level 3 will focus on the application of art elements and principles of design throughout history and different cultures from around the world.  Level 4 will focus on pre–AP art skills and the analysis of art elements and principles of design. AP studio class will focus on meeting the requirements of the AP exam. Art literacy will be a component of every level.  It will include art vocabulary, short constructed responses and art history activities.

Class Fee:  There is a ($16.00 or $21.00) for each semester. The fee will be used to buy art supplies.  Please pay the fee during the first three weeks of the class.

Level 1 $16.00 per semester or $32.00 for the year

Level 2 $16.00 per semester or $32.00 for the year

Level 3 $16.00 per semester or $32.00 for the year

Level 4 and AP students  $21.00 per semester or $42.00 for the year

Grading Policy:  Each assignment will be designed to expose the students to the state visual art standards.  With the type and number of assignments given in my art class, your student will have ample opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in every art standard.  On the backside is a generic sample of an assignment rubric.

Grading Scale:  100 – 90 = A 89 – 80 = B     79 – 70 = C 69 – 60 = D 59 – 0 = F  Homework:  Classes are designed for most of the work to be completed during class time.  Assignments not completed by the due date may be taken home and completed as homework.  Some art history or research activities may be assigned as homework. Due to the number of required assignments that must be completed by AP students, one assignment will be in progress in class and a separate assignment must be in progress as homework.

Make up Work:  It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work missed.  Make up work must be completed outside of class time (lunch, after school, office hours, or home).  Any assignment turned in after three (3) days will be half credit. Because of occasional meetings that I may attend, it is advisable for the student to check ahead of time to ensure I am available.

Attendance Policy and Rules: All rules/policies will be strictly adhered to.  Check your TJ student handbook for the policies.

Please feel free to e-mail or call me if there are any questions or concerns.  I can be reached best by e-mail at or leave a message at 720-423-7110 and I will return your call.

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